Acne Treatment Case Study

 "I refused to take off my make-up in front of anyone. I felt isolated and all alone as a result of acne"


Lara P, 22

Lara is an Admin Assistant from North Wales, U.K. She has suffered for many years with her problematic acne prone skin. In her teenage years she had relatively healthy skin with the occasional breakout but as she moved into her late teens the zits increased and before she knew it, she was suffering from acne and has ever since (a skin condition characterized by red pimples on the skin, especially on the face, due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands).

She explains: “I can’t pinpoint when my skin began to change, I hadn’t changed my diet and I was using similar products on my skin that I always had. I guess I was just one of the unfortunate ones who developed this skin condition and started producing too much oil (sebum) which resulted in by pores becoming clogged and leading to zits.”

After 12 months of waiting and hoping her skin would clear, Lara decided that it was getting out of control and affecting her confidence on a daily basis. She even admitted to not letting her boyfriend see her make-up free until a year into their relationship and going so far as to not putting her head under water on holiday for fear of her makeup being washed off.

Lara continues: “I know that thousands of people suffer from acne, but when it happens to you it’s so hard to deal with. I was anxious all the time and I couldn’t even relax with my own family, let along socialize with anyone that I didn’t know. Even though my family and friends were sympathetic and tried to help with suggestions of how to get rid of the acne, I felt that no-one really understood what I was going through and this led to feelings of loneliness. When I went out I thought people were pointing and laughing at me and some nasty girls at college bullied me with constant sniping. I spent a fortune buying thick camouflage foundations that actors wear on television and stage. I knew that I looked ridiculous but it was the only thing that gave me the confidence to be able to leave the house in a morning.”

She contacted Skin Health Spa clinic in Nantwich, Cheshire, where she was advised to book in for an advanced skin consultation with one of their skin specialists. Lara continues, “Over the years I’ve tried every facial and skin care product available at my local beauty salon. Some dried my skin too much and some just spread the breakouts further. None of them worked. I stumbled across Skin Health Spa through a recommendation from a friend and went in for a consultation. Lara went for her forty-five minute complimentary consultation with nurse prescriber, Sian Miller, at Skin Health Spa to see what they would recommend.

Sian said: “Lara came to the clinic with fairly aggressive active acne. It is something we see regularly in our clinics and we treat clients of all ages who suffer from this unforgiving skin concern. The glands that lay just beneath the skin's surface produce an oil called sebum, which is our skin's natural moisturizer. These glands and the hair follicles in them open onto the skin through pores. Acne sufferers produce excess oil that fill these pores. Combine that with dead and sticky skin cells which then condense in form that block the pores and lead to spots. This can be brought on at any point in life by a number of factors such as hormonal changes, diet, cosmetics, heredity, drugs (side effects), environment and so on.”

“I recommended Lara started on a home-use program of Flint + Flint Glycolic Cleanser straight away to bring the acne under control. Flint + Flint formulas have been developed using cutting edge active ingredients selected for their ability to work in harmony with the skins natural processes to complement natural skin health. The regime of Glycolic Cleanser, Serum, Exfoliator 2x and SPF Primer is ideal for blemish prone skin as it delivers cleansing, purifying, exfoliating, replenishment and protection in a non-aggressive formula system. This gives the skin the tools it needs to recover breakouts and results in the clearer skin seen in the pictures. Glycolic Cleanser is exfoliating the skin to combat the blemish outbreak whilst containing soothing lipids to reduce irritation and skin redness. Exfoliator 2x contains Salicylic to purify the skin. Serum contains skin activated vitamin C which works to lighten pigmentation of acne scars and finally the SPF Primer protects the newly revealed skin from UV damage. The use of these products and undergoing peel treatments can provide fantastic results in a matter of weeks.”

 Lara said: “After just two weeks my skin had started to improve. The acne became less uncomfortable and irritated. I also noticed that the general condition of my skin started to also improve in the areas not affected by the acne. Six to eight weeks after starting treatment my skin improved dramatically and for the first time in years I was zit free. I now feel like I have new skin and am so much more confident and happier. The state of my skin really did affect my self-esteem and I always felt that others could see it, even beneath my layers of makeup. I also knew the massive amount of makeup wasn’t helping my skin but didn’t feel confident to go out of the house without it – even to go the local shop! I’m so pleased I sought treatment for my acne as it really has changed my life, I’m no longer afraid to take off my makeup in front of friends or my boyfriend and I’m not constantly running off to top up my foundation at work. I would definitely recommend the Flint + Flint skin care range to others who suffer from acne.”